Hell Collected Works EU 4​-​CD set

by Hell

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warpixel This is one box you have to have as a fan of the doomy goodness. HELL have been a underground secret for quite some time and have finally made their way into my collection with this awesome box!
The Shrieks From Below
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The Shrieks From Below 30.1.14

I initially went to check out the split with AMROK, but wasn't particularly moved by it. However this had bypassed the radar. Suffocating droney Doom in the style of CONAN, WAR IRON etc
Kim Kelly
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Kim Kelly HELL have long been one of the underground's best-kept secrets, quietly releasing monolithic sludge/drone dirges of the utmost quality since 2006. This live tour recording manages to convey the band's immensely heavy, punishing performances cleanly and honestly without sacrificing any of the unbridled catharsis that makes Hell so potent. It collects a trio of songs culled from their extremely solid discography, and is both an excellent introduction and a nice addition to an existing collection.
  • 4-CD collected works
    Compact Disc (CD)

    everything. Includes lyrics to many of the songs. EU CD release. Includes unreleased track

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This 4-CD set released for Hells first tour through Europe includes every track off of every split and full length.
These were initially meant to only be sold in Europe but there were complications and they couldn't make it to us on time to get them on the merch table. Now they are back in the states and open for anyone to purchase.
This release also includes an unreleased track that will be released on a self titled full length next year with a handful of new songs I've been working on.


released August 4, 2014

Joint release by Pesanta Urfolk and Cloister Recordings in 2016



MSW Salem, Oregon

Extreme funeral doom metal from Salem, Or since 2008.
All music written, performed, and recorded by M.S.W.

Now active as a live performance with session musicians from Mania, Mizmor, and The Fools.

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